Always apply glaze to ceramic pieces that have been bisque fired (that's when the dried, raw clay gets put into its first firing that goes to 1000 degrees). These glazes fire to stoneware temperatures, therefore can only be applied on stoneware clay (clay that fires between 1280-1300 degrees celsius).

We always suggest testing your glazes first on a small or unwanted piece (before committing to your favourites), so you know exactly what effect you're after. Adding more or less layers of a glaze to a bisque piece can have different effects - so it's always good to play around with them to see what you like most!

All of our glazes layer well together, however we suggest layering no more than two different glazes at the same time as chemical reactions can occur when your pieces are fired which could potentially cause damage to your pieces and the kiln. It's always good to test different layered glazes as there are many different effects and possibilities depending on which glazes you choose.